Justin Bieber’s Amazon Store Has the Best Old School Belieber Merch

Among the best Bieber merch on Amazon: the black Bieber logo tee ($22.99, Amazon), inspired by classic rock band fonts from bands like KISS, Def Leppard and Metallica. Bieber famously sported a Metallica band tee during a few of his Purpose tour dates in 2016, and reportedly enlisted the help of a metal artist to design a logo tee for himself.

Speaking of the Purpose Tour, Amazon still has the coveted Purpose Tour hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets available. Bieber worked with Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo on an extensive merchandise collection for the tour, and the pieces quickly became grail-worthy items that sold at pricey stores like Barneys. The Amazon collection features Purpose tour merch that was available at the concerts, rather than the higher-end collection, which completely sold out within weeks of launching.

Want to take it way, way back? Bieber’s Amazon store has t-shirts from one his first promo shoots ever, for the singer’s My World 2.0 album. The men’s and women’s tees ($22.99, Amazon) feature a black and white photo from the album cover.

There’s more recent Bieber merch too, include a Changes cover hoodie ($44.99, Amazon), which is a streetwear-inspired take that interpolates the singer’s last album cover onto a unisex pullover. Multiple sizes and colors are available.

All of the merch on Bieber’s Amazon store is officially licensed, and part of the singer’s ongoing collaboration with Bravado, a Universal Music Group Company, and the largest licensing partner for some of the world’s biggest artists. See all the old-school — and new release — Bieber merch here.