Kenya: EU Election Observation Mission to Deploy 180 Monitors in 39 Counties

Nairobi — The European Union Election Observation Mission to Kenya is set to deploy 180 monitors in 39 counties, the Missions Chief Observer Ivan Štefánek has said.

The Mission told news reporters at a media briefing in Westlands on Saturday that the team will include 48 short-term observers who will arrive in the county shortly before the election day on August 9.

“This reflects the EU’s established election observation methodology which is based on long-term approach and focuses on the entire electoral process,” the Chief Observer said.

Štefánek also said the Observer Mission will include a Technology Analyst who will assess the electoral commission’s technology, specifically the Kenya Integrated Election Management System, and media monitors who will examine media coverage on a wide range of platforms including traditional, social and vernacular channels.

“For the first time in Kenya the EU EOM has a dedicated Election Technology Analyst who will assess the use of technologies in different phases of the election processes as well as social media observers to assess the role of social media and digital communication process,” Stefanec said.

He said the Mission will deploy a Social Media Analyst who will lead a team of six monitors in assessing social media and digital communication.

“We will issue a preliminary statement shortly after the election day and will remain in Kenya until the completion of the electoral process including in case of a second round of presidential elections and any complaints and appeal processes,” he told reporters.

The Election Observation Mission was hosted by Chief Justice Martha on Friday on Judiciary’s readiness to handle electoral disputes highlighting key preparatory efforts to prepare the courts for election petitions.

Koome noted she had gazetted 120 special magistrates in February to enhance the capacity of courts to handle electoral disputes arising from the August 9 General Election.