Kenya: President Ruto Directs All Public Institutions to Transition to LPG By 2025

Mombasa — President William Ruto has directed all public institutions, schools, households using biomass as primary cooking fuel to transition to Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) by 2025.

Speaking during the opening of Taifa Gas in Mombasa on Friday, President Ruto said that adoption of clean modern cooking minimises the appetite for wood fuel, which has led to illegal felling of trees.

President Ruto said that the use of Liquid Petroleum Gas is a major step towards clean domestic energy consumption, noting that household LPG use in Kenya is greater than the African average of 3 kg per capita, but falls below global practice of between 10-15 kg per capita.

“All public institutions that currently utilize biomass as their primary cooking fuel will be required to transition to LPG. In particular, public educational institutions must ensure that this transition is completed by 2025,” the President stated.

According to the President, there has been a tremendous growth in the consumption of LPG in Kenyan households, reporting a capita increase from 2kg in 2012 to 6.6kg in 2020, and 7.5kg in 2022.

He attributed this growth to incentives tailored to promote penetration and use at household level.

He said the plan is to drive the per capita consumption of LPG at the household level to 13kg by 2030.

The President also reiterated his commitment to the mitigation of climate change, noting that one route of achieving that is by embracing clean domestic energy alternatives.

He said the government will also avail incentives so as to encourage local investments as well as international investors in the sector.

“Taifa Gas therefore stands as a highly welcome investor and an example of the caliber of transnational enterprises we seek to invite to participate in our agenda for radical economic transformation,” he added.