Kenya: Young Kenyans Boycott Israeli Products As War Continues

Harare — Kenyan youth are pushing for a  national boycott of Israeli goods as a way to express their outrage over Israel’s military assault on Gaza since October 7, The New Arab reports.

Several advocacy groups, such as Kenyans for Palestine, are spearheading a boycott of companies with ties to Israel by creating educational infographics that list the items that should be avoided.

These organizations also made it their mission to advocate for government action against Israel’s military operation in Gaza and to increase public awareness of the Palestinian cause.

At least 20,000 Palestinians died as a result of Israeli bombings in the past 3 months.

Israel is also accused of targeting schools, refugee camps, houses of worship, and hospitals, as well as depriving Palestinians of necessities like water, food, and fuel.

Given the substantial number of Tel Aviv-linked businesses in the east African nation, pro-Palestinian Kenyans are reportedly finding the boycott of Israeli goods more difficult than they had anticipated.

Israeli-owned businesses own and run the well-known network of coffee shops and casual restaurants called Artcaffe. Sony Holdings, an Israeli business, also runs Westgate Mall, one of the most well-known retail centers in Kenya and Africa. Kenya also exports agricultural items to Israel, while Nairobi buys chemicals, fertilizers, and other high-tech commodities, according to its embassy in Tel Aviv.