Kris Jenner’s Fake ‘KUWTK’ Home Back On the Market for $8.9 Million


Kris Jenner
Fake ‘KUWTK’ House for Sale Again …
Price Goe$ Way Up!!!

11/21/2023 10:06 AM PT

The house Kris Jenner pretended to live at on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is back on the market, and this time the owner’s looking for a king’s ransom to transfer the deed.

The Studio City home — which was famously used for exterior shots of Kris’s would-be mansion on the hit E! show — is for sale once again … only now, the value has experienced about 5 years worth of appreciation, so it’s listed for $8,888,888.

That’s quite a jump from what the current owner paid back in 2018, when they got it for $5.25 mil. If it sells for they get their asking price, that’ll be more than a $3 million profit … minus whatever they invested in the place, of course.

Considering the history of this swanky pad … we’ll see if that helps them hook a buyer in the near future, and more importantly, if it ends up going for listing.

Fact is, every time the home has hit the market — which has been a lot over the past 9 years or so — the numbers almost always end up fluctuating quite a bit when all the papers are signed.

For instance, while it sold for just over $5M in 2018 … the asking price at the time was closer to nearly $8 mil at first, so the owner slashed their ask by a lot.

We’ll see what the current title holder ends up accepting … fact is, the housing market is rough right now, with interest rates through the roof and not nearly as much movement as there was 2-3 years ago during the pandemic.

As for the specs, it’s a typical luxurious L.A.-area home — 7 bedrooms, 9 baths and all the bells and whistles of fancy living. The question … is it worth almost $9 million to snap up?!?

Just in case it wasn’t clear from the top … this was NOT Kris’s actual house. They just used it to pose as her crib — obviously, they didn’t show her real home for security reasons.

Sarah Greenberg of Realty One Group West holds the listing.