Madonna Reflects on Motherhood & ‘Radical’ Female Role Models for Mother’s Day


The pop icon shouted out Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe and Martha Graham.


Ricardo Gomes

Call her mother. Madonna shared her thoughts on motherhood and family in a touching social media post on Sunday, perfectly timed for Mother’s Day.

“I miss my mother every day And have fantasized for decades of what it must be like to have a mother to: call on for help, guidance, care And wisdom and yet I rejected the idea of being a mother well into my 30s because I associated motherhood with sacrifice suffering and ultimately death and I wanted none of that,” the superstar wrote of her own mother, also named Madonna, who died from breast cancer when the future Queen of Pop was just 5 years old.

“I decided to rip the a–hole out of life and take the road less traveled by with no preconceived notion of what was expected of me as a woman,” Her Madgesty’s caption continued. “All of my role models were radical women like Frida Kahlo, Martha Graham and Georgia O’Keeffe…Great Artists with no Children!!”

Alongside a slideshow of sweet family photos set to her track “Little Star,” Madonna then wrote about how “grounded” becoming a mother to her six children made her while also leaving her “dazed and confused as to how I would figure out the balancing act between being a good mother and an uncompromising artist.”

“I walked through many years half blind and made many mistakes along the way,” she added. “Because Every mother knows there are no manuals or rule books to follow. You just have to dive in and figure it out. I have Experienced my highest highs and my lowest lows as a Mother. No one could have prepared me.”

By the end of the post, Madonna connected the generations by wondering what it would have been like had her mother lived long enough to meet her grandchildren, writing, “And dear Mother…wherever you are. I hope you are happy with your grandchildren!! I often imagine you singing and dancing with us in the kitchen!”

This summer, Madonna is reissuing her Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones remix collection on rainbow-colored vinyl before heading out on her triumphant Celebration Tour to commemorate her 40 groundbreaking years in the music industry.

Read Madonna’s thoughts on motherhood below.

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