Marshawn Lynch Challenges Ronda Rousey To Wrestle On ‘Stars On Mars’ Show


Marshawn Lynch
Challenges Ronda Rousey To Wrestle
… On ‘Stars On Mars!!!’

6/12/2023 12:20 AM PT

Entertainment Marshawn Lynch, Ronda Rousey

Ever dream of seeing an NFL great go up against a UFC legend/WWE Superstar in a fight??

Consider your wish granted … ’cause Marshawn Lynch challenged Ronda Rousey to a wrestling match on the latest episode of Fox’s new celebrity reality show, “Stars On Mars” — and by the looks of it, things got intense!!

The wild moment went down when the crew members found out they’re in need of a new base commander … and Beast Mode, the self-appointed leader of the bunch, decided he’s not giving up his role without a fight. Literally.

“You know what? I’mma make this simple,” the Super Bowl champ said as he made his way to an open area … making it clear he was prepping for a throw-down.

“Yeah, I throw hands, baby,” he added.

But, bad news struck for the former Seattle Seahawk … ’cause the former UFC champ volunteered to be his opponent.

“You wanna fight for base commander? All right!!” Ronda said as she made her way to the makeshift fight arena.

So, who wins?? We won’t know until the whole episode airs at 8 PM … but some contestants were certain Ronda was gonna come out on top.

Popcorn. Get it ready.