Mc Kacheche gives up to GMG pressure, throws in towel as Latinum’s Manager

Mbarara born Kacheche Swaleh most known by his stage name Mc Kacheche has finally given up to the pressure put on him by his bosses at Gifted Music group (GMG). Kacheche who has been singer Latinum’s manager since he started his music career, has in a social media post officially announced his exit from the group.

Of recent Latinum was signed from Mbarara based Game Park Music a record label owned by T.O.N (the man behind most of Latinum’s songs) at a cost that was not disclosed but is said to have been so high. On being signed, Latinum was taken on with his manager. This was intended to make the artist comfortable in the new group which was well known for having failed artists.

However after a few months, GMG reportedly started pressurizing Kacheche with alleges that his service delivery was lacking. Insiders say Kacheche was blamed for not being readily available as a manager as he had to do his radio show on Crooze FM as well as emcee at gigs. The inside source adds that he was discontinued long time back though it was not disclosed. Latinum has appeared at several events without Kacheche but with Paul Owor (the CEO of GMG) and other members of the group including the veteran artists i.e Ray heavens and Sheena Skies among others.

Word has it that Kacheche got Latinum to Kampala from Mbarara. “One time Kacheche was in Kampala and heard Amanya Gange song booming all over, he went back and brought Latinum who started getting gigs there and then” a source revealed.