Meet Marilyn Monteroe: Lil Nas X Recreates One of Marilyn Monroe’s Most Iconic Looks

The rapper channeled the actress’ classic ‘Seven Year Itch’ look with his own billowing white outfit.

Lil Nas X

Charlotte Rutherford*

Lil Nas X is itching for some fun. The rapper shared a series of photos on Thursday (July 21) in which he channels one of Marilyn Monroe‘s most well-known looks.

“Marilyn Monteroe,” the “That’s What I Want” artist (born Montero Lamar Hill) captioned a series of three photos on Twitter in which he recreates the late actress’ iconic photos in which her white cocktail dress billows up as she’s standing over a subway grate.


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Rather than a sleeveless V-neck gown, Lil Nas X is in a white button up shirt with an exaggerated pleated lapel, unbuttoned to create the deep-cut V of the dress. And instead of than having a shorter skirt to recreate the actress’ frock, LNX is in a pleated floor-length skirt. His outfit is accessorized with a massive elaborate choker and white platform boots with clear heels. And to emulate the late star’s classic blonde ‘do, the rapper topped off his look with a brown wig featuring waves similar to the actress’.

Naturally, the set of photos also finds the two-time Grammy-winning artist standing over a grate of sorts. Rather than a subway grate on the streets of New York, Lil Nas X is standing over a manhole cover with elongated ovals as his skirt billows up.

See the photos on his Twitter account.

The famous photos of Monroe were snapped by photographer Sam Shaw in September 1954 as she was filming her 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch. The performance went on to earn the star a best foreign actress nomination at the 1956 BAFTA Awards.

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