Milan police justify Bakayoko search as being necessary in critical situation

MILAN : Milan police said on Monday a video that emerged on social media of AC Milan midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko being searched at gunpoint by police in the city was necessary given the seriousness of a dangerous situation taking place at the time.

The incident involving Bakayoko, who is on loan from Premier League side Chelsea, took place two weeks ago, but a video of the event went viral on Monday after being posted on Twitter.

His club said on Monday that the search occurred due to a shooting in the nearby area at that time, with police issuing a statement to Reuters to explain their actions.

“It should be noted that the search occurred in an operational context that justified the adoption of the highest security measures,” the statement read.

“Also as a function of self-protection, and was carried out in a manner absolutely consistent with the type of alarm in progress.

“Once the person had been identified and established that he was not involved, the service was resumed without any kind of remark from the person concerned.”

Bakayoko joined Milan on a two-year loan last summer, having also spent the 2018-19 campaign at the San Siro.

He made 14 appearances in Serie A last term as Milan won their first league title in 11 years.