Mozambique: Heavy Rains Damage Almost 14,000 Kilometres of Roads

Maputo — Mozambique has lost, over the last year, 13,886 kilometers of roads across the country as a result of destruction caused by bad weather, especially heavy rains and cyclones.

According to the Minister of Public Works, Carlos Mesquita, who made the announcement, on Monday, in Maputo, during the meeting to discuss the Integrated Road Sector Programme (PRISE) between the government and its partners, just over 5.000 kilometers were totally destroyed, including 47 bridges, as a result of the passage of Cyclone Freddy, which hit the country twice, first in the southern province of Inhambane and then in the central province of Zambézia.

“The impact of these storms on road infrastructure affected around 13,886 kilometres of roads, of which 5,448 kilometres were totally destroyed, including 47 bridges, 26 pontoons, 29 drifts and 282 aqueducts’, he said.

Mesquita added that, in order to restore the economic and social infrastructure damaged by Cyclone Freddy, the government has already mobilized financial resources to the tune of 56.5 million dollars from various cooperation partners, through the activation of the Contingent Emergency Response Mechanism (CERC).

“This mechanism includes funding to repair damage to roads under the management of Mozambique’s National Roads Administration (ANE), totaling 46.7 million dollars, and a further 9.8 million dollars that is under municipal management’, he said.

For the current 2020-2024 five-year period, the government had planned to rehabilitate 787 kilometres of national roads and 4,000 kilometres of regional and district roads. It also planned to pave 1,200 kilometres of national and regional roads, as well as rehabilitate three bridges and build 12 others across the country.