NBC’s Ali Vitali Says Presidential Elections Not Built for Female Candidates to Win

NBC’s Ali Vitali
Here’s Why America Hasn’t Elected a Female Prez

8/19/2022 1:39 PM PT

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NBC’s Capitol Hill Correspondent Ali Vitali says our political system was not set up to elect a female president … but understanding the bias might help the nation finally cross that hurdle.

Vitali joined “this publication Live” Friday … to talk about her upcoming book, “Electable: Why America Hasn’t Put a Woman in the White House … Yet,” and she’s very clear … a big reason why women haven’t inhabited the Oval is misogyny. Fact is … many countries have had female heads of state — Germany, Finland, England, Argentina, India, Israel, among others.

Ali says the Hillary Clinton is living proof women are viable candidates .. .but they seem to hit a wall when it actually comes to getting elected.

We ask about one woman in particular … Michelle Obama, who has said as clear as day she’s not interested in the job, but Ali has opinions.

And what if the first female president is a conservative Republican — would this be celebrated among women and men of a different political persuasion? Ali’s answer is interesting…

“Electable: Why America hasn’t Put A Woman In The White House…Yet” drops Tuesday.