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  • English bulldog Sir Rocco has been spending lockdown mastering the art of skateboarding. 
  • His owner said he took to the sport immediately, pushing himself along with one paw.
  • The only downside is that he occasionally tries to take a bite out of the wheels while they are turning.

Sir Rocco, the English bulldog, has been mastering the art of skateboarding.

The stocky dog likes to tool around on the stoep and tennis court, pushing himself along with one paw.

He has provided hours of entertainment for his humans Andrew Love and Michele Leuenberger from Honeydew, Johannesburg.

Sir Rocco’s growing mastery of the skateboard is partly due to the Covid-19 lockdown, which put the brakes on Love’s frequent travels abroad to install brewery equipment.

English Bulldog

Sir Rocco rests between skateboarding sessions.

“I have never been able to have a dog because of all of my travels,” Love said.

When the lockdown came around, he and fiancée Leuenberger decided they could finally take a dog home, and Sir Rocco arrived.

“He’s the love of my life – other than my fiancée,” Love said.

Enjoying the time at home instead of the heavy schedule of international travel, he spotted a video on social media of a dog skateboarding.

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Apparently, Sir Rocco’s low and sturdy body shape is just right for a dog who may want to try his paw at the sport.

The first skateboard was too narrow for Sir Rocco’s considerable girth, and he kept flipping.

“So now he has a professional skateboard,” chuckled Love.

The first time they put the skateboard down, Sir Rocco appeared to be a natural.

“We put him on the tennis court, and he was off!”

So far 6-month-old Sir Rocco can push himself, and he has had a few magic moments of staying on the board with all fours.

“He’s getting there,” said Love. “It’s beautiful.”

Sir Rocco joins the ranks of other skateboarding dogs such as Jumpy, the stunt dog from Los Angeles who completed a 100m ride in 19.65 seconds.