Nigerian IDP excited to vote for first time after years in camp

Mallam Yusuf Takida, 38, IDP and first time voter.

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In light of the presidential election in Nigeria, the Independent National Electoral Commission has estimated that three million internally displaced persons are to participate.

The revision of the framework and regulations for IDPs enables a larger amount of displaced people to exert their fundamental constitutional right, a joyful update for Mallam Yusuf Takida 38, IDP, and first-time voter .

“Honestly, I am very happy especially this time around, because ever since we fled from our homes and ended up here, we, the IDPs have not been able to get our voters’ card because most of us ran away and left our voters’ card and have not been able to renew or register for another one since we came here,” says Takida.

This new policy ensures that no eligible Nigerian is left out of the electoral process on account of displacement, disability or other circumstances that my limit citizens participation in the electoral process. IDPs represented 3.3 million people in 2021 according to the internal displacement-monitoring centre.

“I’m a father with three children. My life did not play along, as I wanted it to. I would love to see my children have a very good life. But they cannot if they don’t have good leadership in the country. They cannot have a good life if they don’t have a good education or decent employment, and other things that can help them and also help other people around them. These are the things I pray to see before I die, or at least in my old age, that my children will enjoy these benefits and have a good life,” explains Takida. 

With the IDP’s votes and the youth challenging current institutions, non-participation will seemingly not be an issue for the election opposing Peter Obi, Bola Tinu and Atiku Abubakar on February 25th.

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