OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush Seen On One of Final Sub Journeys Before Tragedy


OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush
Video From 1 Of His Final Sub Journeys
… New Look Inside Titan

6/23/2023 5:02 PM PT

Here’s video from one of Stockton Rush‘s final dives in the OceanGate submersible … a failed expedition from weeks before the fatal implosion.

YouTuber Jake “DALLMYD” says he was on the Titan for a mission to the Titanic shipwreck earlier this year, and he recorded his experience with Stockton at the controls.

In this expedition, Stockton shows off the infamous video game controller he uses to maneuver the tiny submersible … and the footage also highlights the cramped quarters inside.

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The sub went into the water but the dive was ultimately canceled after a series of malfunctions and poor weather conditions … on this trip, they never made it deep below the surface, and didn’t get anywhere near the Titanic shipwreck on the bottom of the Atlantic.

Of course, Stockton took the same sub on another expedition Sunday with different passengers … and it imploded.


“Titanic” director James Cameron blamed Stockton for the ill-fated journey … saying he ignored safety concerns much like the captain of the real Titanic.

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It’s pretty interesting footage in hindsight … and Jake wonders what may have happened to this group if the sub dove deeper on his abbreviated expedition.