‘Pawn Stars’ Corey Harrison DUI Mug Shot Released


‘Pawn Stars’ Corey Harrison
DUI Mug Shot Released …
Cops Confirm Broken Breathalyzer

9/11/2023 3:43 PM PT

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“Pawn Stars” cast member Corey Harrison had bloodshot eyes, a blank stare, and reeked like booze during his DUI traffic stop … so says the cop who busted the reality star.

this publication broke the story, Harrison was arrested for DUI early Friday morning in Vegas on his way home. According to the police report, obtained by this publication, Corey was driving his white Ford F250 pickup and unable to maintain his lane … at times swerving into the bike lane.

Cops say when they pulled Corey over and made contact, he smelled like booze and had bloodshot eyes, but explained his truck sometimes pulls to the right.

The report states officers gave Corey a field sobriety test and asked he provide a blood or breath sample. When Corey allegedly replied he should “probably ask for his lawyer” the officer informed him they’d get a search warrant for his blood, and if he did refuse his driver’s license would be revoked.

Corey eventually agreed to provide a breath sample, but the report states the breathalyzer at the jail was broken, so Corey allowed his blood to be drawn. The report does not state the results of the blood sample, but Corey was booked for DUI.

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We spoke to Corey Friday, hours after his arrest who also informed us of the busted breathalyzer. Corey told us he’d recently flown back into town after a trip to Minnesota, but only had one drink on the flight … 7 hours before his arrest.