President Biden Goes Shirtless for Another Delaware Beach Day


President Biden
Bare Back Beach Day in Delaware …
Joe Showing Some Skin!!!

7/30/2023 4:11 PM PT

President Biden is all about the Vitamin D in the summertime — as seen here … where’s losing his shirt and soaking up some rays in his native Delaware.

Joe was feeling sandy Sunday in Rehoboth Beach, where he’s got a home. In photos obtained by this publication, you can see POTUS and FLOTUS making their way out to the shore with a bunch of items in hand … and a ton of Secret Service agents in tow, too.


JB was in his usual beach attire — showing up with some trunks, a tee, and a ball cap. Eventually, he took off his top and went skins for the outing … flaunting his gramps bod!

It looks like he was briefly out in the heat, but the plopped down in a chair to chill in the shade. Like we said, Jill was right next to him … and they appeared preoccupied reading.

This is a pretty similar vibe to what they were doing a few weeks ago, right on the heels of the cocaine discovery … which ended up going unsolved. You’ll recall, at the time … Joe was also doing some reading then — and the missus could be seen throwing on some SPF.

No sign of any other family members here, including Hunter … who continues to loom over the President’s term. There’s more that’s expected to emerge in the coming days about Hunter — including some potentially damaging testimony in Congress from an ex-biz partner.

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Despite that, it’s nothin’ but sunshine and smiles as far as Joe’s concerned. Happy beachin’!