President Biden, We Don’t Know Where Shot-Down UFO Came from, But There’s a Theory


Pres. Biden
We Don’t Know What Those UFOs Were …
But I Have a Theory

2/16/2023 12:01 PM PT

President Biden has finally addressed the spate of UFOs that caused enough alarm that we shot 4 of them down, and although the government doesn’t know what they are, he has a theory.

Biden spoke for 7 minutes about the 3 smaller objects that our military shot down over the last week or so, but he did not take questions.

He says they’re not part of China’s spy balloon program — like the first balloon that was shot down from the skies — and are most likely balloons that were launched by private companies for various purposes.


Biden says he doesn’t believe there are more objects than usual popping up over the U.S. … he says we’ve simply enhanced our ability to detect these objects so we’re seeing more than in the past.

Now, on the subject of aliens — something his Press Secretary addressed earlier in the week — Biden never used the word, nor did he reference it.


Youtube / The White House

As for why the 3 objects were shot down — he says it’s simply because they posed a danger to commercial air traffic.

For some reason, the government mostly avoids talk about the “A” word!