Pro-Palestinian protestors halt Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and GLUE themselves to Sixth Avenue in NYC before being arrested

Macy’s 2023 Thanksgiving parade in NYC was hit by pro-Palestine protests amid heightened tensions over the Middle East crisis – with some demonstrators gluing their hands to the middle of Sixth Avenue. 

The New England Native American float sparked outrage earlier in the morning as one performer held a Palestinian flag aloft while the annual extravaganza moved through Midtown Manhattan.

A group of activists then disrupted the procession by leaping over the barricades to block the route and unveil a large ‘Free Palestine’ banner. 

Around 30 protestors halted the parade along Sixth Avenue, with reports indicating some may have glued themselves to the road. The NYPD told ‘several’ protestors had been taken into custody, with the exact number of people arrested unclear. 

Loud boos rang out from the crowd as the white jumpsuit-clad protestors poured fake blood over themselves and held up the parade for thousands, as they appeared to try and link the crisis in the Middle East to climate change, shouting: ‘Liberation for Palestine and climate.’  

The protests left many furious that the popular fun family event had been dragged into politics – while others commented on how the broadcast coverage appeared to purposefully avoid showing the disruption taking place. 

Amid heightened political tensions, NYPD officers were out in force, with officials saying they had stepped up extra ‘robust’ security along the route compared to previous years. 

Detroit’s Thanksgiving festivities were also targeted, with a large contingent of pro-Palestine activists descending on the city. 

Pro-Palestine protestors leapt over the barricade and brought the parade to a halt roughly two hours after the procession got underway on Thursday morning 

Several demonstrators were taken into custody after marring the family event with political outbursts over the Middle East crisis 

The activists doused themselves in fake blood and glued themselves to the road in the disruptive demonstrations 

The protest was targeted at US support for Israel, while also linking the crisis in the Middle East to climate change as they shouted: ‘Liberation for Palestine and climate’

🚨 BREAKING: Protesters are disrupting Detroit’s Thanksgiving parade to call for an end to the genocide in Palestine.

“From Turtle Island to Palestine, genocide is a crime!”

— DH (@DannySolidarity) November 23, 2023

Before it was hit by political disruptions, the Big Apple rang in Turkey Day in style as a colorful procession moved past Central Park to start the day’s festivities 

The iconic Tom Turkey float was led down the parade route by an ensemble of Thanksgiving dancers as the event got off to a sunny and light-hearted opening, before pro-Palestine protestors leapt over the railings and brought it to a brief halt 

The disruption came after Joe and Jill Biden called parade host Al Roker to wish the country a happy Thanksgiving, with the President saying the fun-filled event was a chance for the nation to heal divides. 

‘We have to come together, we can have different political views but we have one view. We’re the greatest nation in the world,’ Biden said, as the First Lady called on Americans to ‘do something nice for someone else’ today. 

Before the event was hampered by politics, the family event got off to a bright and sunny start as the city celebrated the 97th edition of Macy’s Thanksgiving parade – although Snoopy fans were left slightly deflated when the air went out of one of the famed giant balloons, causing his hat to sag. 

Over three dozen floats, 25 giant balloons and 18 star performers – including Jon Baptiste and Cher – took center stage as the vibrant parade moved through the city, with the first parade floats reaching Midtown Manhattan in the mid-morning. 

Kicking off at 8:30 ET, the moment saw the return of longtime host Al Roker after he missed the 2022 event due to several health scares. This year he presented alongside NBC Today stars Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. 

New York City burst into life as the 97th edition of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade took over the streets of Manhattan on Thursday morning 

Snoopy fans were left deflated after the air went out of the family-favorite character as the giant balloon floated down Manhattan 

Manhattan’s streets were dozens of people deep as families flocked to the Big Apple to enjoy the start to the holiday season 

A marching band was among the opening performers on the parade route, which played along the streets before over three dozen huge floats

After missing last year’s event through illness for the first time since 1995, longtime co-host Al Roker received a warm welcome as he returned to present the parade – seen at the opening dance performance alongside parade dancers 

Over three dozen floats and 25 giant balloons took over the parade route as it moved past Central Park 

Eager attendees lined the streets from as early as 5am to catch the best spot to watch the procession.

The parade route was marked with a heightened police presence, following several protests erupting in recent weeks over the crisis in the Middle East and a terror scare at the US-Canada border in New York on Wednesday afternoon.  

NYPD Police Commissioner Edward Caban acknowledged the security increase as he spoke to NBC before the parade started, saying he was ‘working with our federal, state and local partners to ensure everything is safe.’ 

While insisting there were ‘no specific or credible threats to New York City or the parade in general’, the commissioner said the entire NYPD has been ‘on high alert since October 7.’  

‘We encourage all families to come out and enjoy the day,’ he added, noting that this year’s event is his first as the city’s police commissioner. 

NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban said there is a heightened police presence at this year’s event amid tensions in the Big Apple, but insisted there are ‘no credible threats’ to the parade 

Alongside the world-famous giant balloons, the parade will see a number of musical acts and ensembles from several Broadway shows, including ‘Shucked’ and ‘Back to the Future: The Musical’ 

The parade route stretches 2.5 miles from the Upper West Side to Macy’s Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan 

The world-famous giant balloons are back and bigger than ever for this year’s parade, with seven new characters joining 18 others that have flown through the Big Apple before

Roker was in good spirits as he rang in the morning’s festivities with talk show host Jimmy Fallon  

Starting at West 77th Street on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the parade was opened by a number of musical acts including a marching band to lead the 2.5-mile route. 

The parade marched near several New York City landmarks including the Empire State Building, before coming to a close at Macy’s Herald Square on 34th Street. 

The world-famous giant balloons are back and bigger than ever for this year’s parade, with seven new characters joining 18 others that have flown through the Big Apple before. 

Baby Yoda, Minions, Ronald McDonald, Red Titan, Kung Fu Panda, Snoopy, Leo, and Uncle Dan are among the iconic balloons set to be sent down the parade – with a five-story tall Pillsbury Doughboy among the eye-catching new entrants. 

Preparations began on Wednesday evening as towering balloons were set up along the parade route, seen on New York City’s Upper West Side 

Twenty five balloons will loom over the Big Apple, including Baby Yoda, Minions, Ronald McDonald, Red Titan, Kung Fu Panda, Snoopy, Pillsbury Doughboy, Leo, and Uncle Dan

Eighteen performers are also preparing to take center stage, with music icon Cher accompanied by acts including En Vogue, ENHYPHEN, Jessie James Decker, Chicago and Pentatonix

Before the parade got underway, the Macy’s Santa Claus appeared on the trading floor to at the New York Stock Exchange

Workers are seen inflating a huge Goku balloon near Central Park as the city prepared for the parade on Wednesday evening 

When preparations began on Wednesday evening, towering balloons were seen being inflated at the start of the parade route on the city’s Upper West Side. 

The packed parade will enjoy eighteen performers throughout the event, with music icon Cher headlining as she will ring in Christmas on Santa’s sleigh to conclude the procession.  

NBC presenter Al Roker is also a welcome sight at this year’s festivities after suffering several health scares in recent times. 

Roker has co-hosted the parade every year since 1995, but was forced to miss the parade last November as he was hospitalized for blood clots and internal bleeding. 

He will present a star-studded line-up including En Vogue, ENHYPHEN, Jessie James Decker, Chicago and Pentatonix. 

Ensembles from several Broadway shows including ‘Shucked’ and ‘Back to the Future: The Musical’ will also perform. 

After missing last year’s event due to illness for the first time since 1995, co-host Al Roker was a welcome site as he returned to the parade 

The early start to the day saw clear skies and sunny weather as upwards of three million people are expected to take to the streets throughout the parade 

The early start to the day saw sunny skies as the streets were quickly packed with attendees, however this year’s event has not been without controversy.

Over 17,000 people signed a petition criticizing the parade’s organizers for branding the event a ‘non-binary and transgender extravaganza’, which includes two gender non-conforming performers in the line-up.