Run Up That Hill to Your Stranger Things Season 4 Finale Spoiler Zone

Eleven and Dr. Brenner give each other a hard stare in front of the lab's isolation tank.

Image: Netflix

You might be wondering to yourself, “Who the hell has already watched the last two episodes of Stranger Things season four? It’s four hours long!” You’d be surprised (as was I)—so many people tuned into Netflix at 3:00 a.m. ET, the moment the two episodes went live, the streaming service actually crashed. That’s bananas, and it’s bananas enough that io9 wants to go ahead and give you maniacs access to a safe space to discuss Eleven, Vecna, their showdown, and the fate of poor Hawkins, Indiana.

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Vecna created the Upside Down! The Mind Flayer is a giant spider because Vecna loves spiders! Hopper and Joyce kiss! Will makes his feelings for Mike known… to the audience! The deaths! The death! And the Upside Down has arrived in Right-Side Up Hawkins! If all of that didn’t justify a massive two-hour-and-20-minute finale, it ended up being much, much closer than I thought it would.

So what did you think of season four? Are you dying for the fifth and final season to get here now to see how the gang stops Vecna now that he’s basically won? Crank up the “Running Up That Hill” and sound off in the comments.

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