[Spoiler] Just Made The Challenge: All Stars History

Jonna has just etched her name into a rare place the All Stars history books: The Challenge competitor is the only player to appear in every final from Season 1 to Season 3. Even more impressive: The Real World: Cancun alum is the first-ever back-to-back champ on the Paramount+ series and the first woman to win two seasons in a row as a solo player without a designated partner.

“I see the chest, and Wes, and I’ve won twice,” Jonna tearfully reflected in a confessional as footage of her hugging the male winner played. “I did it!”

Yes, she did it — and secured $250,000 again. And now that the mother of two has had time to reflect and soak in the unique feeling of being named the victor of AS twice, how would she compare the highly coveted Ws?

“Winning Season 2, I had a good partner [MJ],” Jonna recently told MTV News. “Coming into Season 3, I felt like I still had something to prove — that I could do it on my own. Once he left, I knew that I could do it on my own.”

This experience was also different from her previous gold medal; Jonna did not face any win-or-go-home scenarios in her first two adventures. But S3 was different.

“People in the house and fans watching the show, sometimes people say, ‘Oh, they didn’t earn it because they didn’t see an elimination,'” she revealed. “But this time around, I was kind of glad I was in a couple because now people can’t say that anymore.”

And since Jonna is the only player to run all three finals, she explained how they stacked up against each other.

“The Season 1 and Season 2 finals were both really difficult, but different,” she explained. “Season 1 had the mountain altitude, and it was two days long. It was my first final, and I wasn’t in the shape that I was in for the Season 2 final. The Season 2 final was the hardest — it was so hot, it was crazy. It also tested me the most mentally. I can’t decide which one of those two was harder.”

She continued: “Season 3 was a little easier for me, but I don’t know if that’s just because that was my third final that year. In the first season, I just wanted to make it to a final. I made it to a final. The second season, I won. I was like, ‘I have nothing left to prove.’ Season 2, I did it with a partner. Season 3, it was an individual final. I don’t know which one I’m more proud of, but after winning, I was like, ‘I can do anything.'”

From carrying extra weight to eating, biking and puzzles, Jonna has truly done it all in this All Stars game — and she has two wins to show for it. What do you think of her S3 performance? Sound off, then stay with MTV News for all Challenge updates.

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