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Strict epidemic controls applied to cold-chain foods imported for CIIE

THE strictest epidemic prevention measures are being applied to imported cold-chain foods to be exhibited at the fourth China International Import Expo to keep COVID-19 and food contamination risks at bay.

The first vehicle carrying imported cold-chain food exhibits for this year’s CIIE reached a refrigerated warehouse close to Pudong International Airport yesterday morning.

“In the following week, another 49 vehicles carrying food exhibits will arrive at the warehouse, and they will get a thorough ‘check’ before being accepted,” said Chen Yan, deputy director of the food safety department of Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation.

Cold-storage foods imported for CIIE will be transported via special vehicles and stored together at designated warehouses under strict scrutiny, with relevant materials checked and nucleic acid tests made after undergoing customs procedures.

A thorough disinfection and nucleic acid test, which also covers the surface of small packages despite their size, is being conducted.

“We are implementing highest-level standards in the supervision and management of imported cold-storage food exhibits and sticking to the bottom line of extreme safety in COVID-19 prevention and control regarding cold-chain foods,” said Chen.

All cold-chain food exhibits are subjected to disinfection and nucleic tests even if they have been disinfected elsewhere.

“This year’s prevention measures have been upgraded to stamp out hazards outside the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai),” said Chen.

The packages of every food exhibit will be attached with a label to track relevant information, covering the whole transportation procedure.

A corresponding code will help to track the information of exhibitors, exhibiting booth, origins of food imported, nucleic acid testing agencies and the time and date the foods arriving at the warehouse.

Food exhibits without the tag will be banned from display at CIIE, according to the administration.

They will be checked anywhere and anytime inside the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) during exhibition, it said.

The warehouse has set up exclusive unloading, storage, refrigerated and quarantine areas for cold-storage food exhibits.

Surveillance cameras have been installed at the warehouse and emergency drills have been conducted.

The administration said inspections and monitoring of food business exhibitors will be enhanced to involve quarantine, nucleic acid test and disinfection proof.

The retail sale of imported frozen foods and free tasting of imported cold-storage foods will be prohibited during the expo.