Super Mario 3D World On Switch Is A Lot Faster Than The Wii U Original

Super Mario 3D World On Switch Is A Lot Faster Than The Wii U Original

And it looks amazing

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No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – Super Mario 3D World on the Switch does indeed run faster than its Wii U counterpart. It’s apparently got nothing to do with frame rate or technical performance, either. It’s just been sped up!

GameXplain shared a side-by-side comparison of the two games, and within seconds you can see the Switch version is outpacing the Wii U original. It could be around “20 to 30 percent faster” according to the source. Here’s a full look:

As you can see, it makes the experience a lot smoother and snappier. GameXplain also notes how Nintendo appears to have changed the camera slightly, added an “Odyssey style mid-air dive” and online play. There’s also a whole new expansion, Bowser’s Fury.

Will you be returning to Super Mario 3D World next year? Tell us down below.

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Source:Nintendo Life

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