Tanzania: Govt Orders School Inspection to Identify Unethical Books

THE Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has directed education officers and quality controllers to visit all schools and libraries to identify unethical books being used by the institutions.

The government directives follow complaints by some stakeholders that some books being used in some schools are immoral.

The call was made on Monday in Dar es Salaam by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Dr Francis Michael in a meeting with secondary and primary education officers and quality controllers from Dar es Salaam.

“We have convened this meeting so that we can know what is happening in some schools go and inspect them, you should check details of their books, inspect libraries and interview children so as to find out whether there are problems with those books,” said Dr Michael.

Dr Michael warned some school officials who bar government officials, especially education officers to conduct inspections in their institutions.

He said that he received a call from the Commissioner of Education, informing that some schools have denied education officers entry to inspect them, especially private schools.

“For all institutions which work under the country’s laws are obliged to allow education officers to inspect them for the government to know the quality of education offered in schools,” he said.

Dr Michael added that, “the Commissioner is the one who provide permits for running schools thus if they refuse to be inspected then we should have doubts over the school operations”.

He noted that, although some schools have policies which restrict any one to enter the school but it is different when it comes for government officials.

Dr Michael added that, although some schools rejected the pupils from being interviewed unless they are permitted by their parents, the ministry was waiting for the Commissioner’s report so that it can take action against such institution.