The Game’s 2007 Song Eerily Seems to Detail PnB Rock’s Murder

The Game
15-Year-Old ‘Murda’ Lyrics
Eerily Describe PnB Rock’s Fate

9/14/2022 3:04 PM PT

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The hip-hop community is reeling in the wake of PnB Rock‘s heinous murder … and it has some people referencing a 2007 song from The Game which seems to mirror the Philly rapper’s tragic end.

The unreleased track is called “Murda,” and it’s resurfaced online because fans noticed some now-eerie lyrics you could say include a warning that could’ve saved PnB’s life.

On the song’s 3rd verse, Game raps, “When you eat at Roscoe’s watch out for the chain snatchers/Take it off slow, or you might get killed/If the Grape Streets [Crips] don’t catch you, the [Rollin] 60’s will/Police don’t give a fuck cuz they all RenPark/And what happens on Crenshaw stays on Crenshaw.”

The ‘Killafornia’ anthem was originally slated for Game’s sophomore album “Doctor’s Advocate” and outlines various L.A. gang territories and habits … which might explain why it got cut.

Speaking of Game, his fellow West Coast OG Ice-T cited him, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar as living Los Angeles legends who don’t hit the town drenched in jewelry.

Ice, who lyrically chronicled the mean streets of L.A. all the way back in the ’80s has been lecturing his Twitter followers on the dangers of the area, whether or not you’re a rapper, and says going without the jewels doesn’t mean your pockets are empty.

LAPD is currently on the hunt for PnB’s killers after the 30-year-old rapper was murdered September 12 inside a Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles while eating with his girlfriend.

Investigators believe the pair were targeted from their social media posts and the gunman entered the restaurant specifically for the jewels.