The UK Needs a Children’s Charter to Protect Our Young People From the Dangers of ‘Woke’ Classrooms

Our education system has always been built on trust. An understanding between schools and parents that when our children are in the classroom, they are being taught the relevant subjects,  being challenged to think critically, and are learning in a safe environment. Schools should be places where children can explore ideas without scrutiny, away from the harsh judgment that awaits them in the outside world and the daunting future of employment.

The maintenance of this environment in our schools is crucial. Mutual trust is essential for education to function in the best interests of our children and is the reason why there is a righteous national anger when any teacher or establishment breaches this agreement.

After all, other than our childhood experience of the family, school is the single most formative experience a child has.

So, as I put my eldest to bed a few months ago, it was with some surprise that my request for a usual  good night hug was met with a new response: “You need to ask for my consent.”

As every parent knows, it’s not unusual to hear your child say something totally unexpected. They’re like sponges, absorbing and repeating much of what they hear.

After some investigating, I learned from my son that this was something he was being taught at school. Fortunately, the school my eldest goes to is wonderful, and they were very good with my concerns, joking about children refusing consent to have broccoli at lunch and laughing about the other devious methods kids employ to twist what they learn in lessons into judo moves against their educators.

But my interest was piqued. Being the curious sort of bloke I am, I started to do some digging into what exactly our children were being taught in their PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic)  lessons. On the surface, this sounds to be very upright and useful, doesn’t it?

Here is the bad news.

What I found out about these PSHE lessons absolutely horrified me. In these classes, which are not part of the national curriculum, children as young as four are taught about masturbation. I implore you to email your local schools and ask them for their PSHE and RSE (Relationship and sex education)  lesson plans.

What you will find is that our children are being groomed, hyper-sexualized, and abused by a set of political ideologues who would never score at a ballot box. White Privilege, Diversity, Equity and  Inclusion (otherwise known as communism), and most perverse of all, gender ideology, are all being  ‘taught’ to our young people.

I encourage you to watch our documentary about this topic, Groomed, which exposes the extent to which kids across the UK are being spoon-fed radical and contested ideology.

In 1908, a “Children’s Charter” came into being to protect children, which made sensible distinctions between children and adults. The time has now come to write another in order to protect our children and preserve any sense of childhood innocence in the UK.

After all, rather than just horrify with the bad news, I want to be part of a movement that spreads hope and good news for our young people. Therefore, The Reclaim Party is calling for a new  “Children’s Charter”, which you can see below:

  1. School governorships should become elected positions whose meetings are held in public, allowing any member of the school community to attend and speak.
  2. The immediate removal of political activist groups, such as Stonewall and Mermaids, from all British schools and teacher training programs.
  3. The withholding of taxpayer money from said groups and the defunding of councils who insist on imposing these divisive and contested ideologies.
  4. An end to the teaching of critical race theory and critical gender theory as fact and a recognition that these new and controversial ideas should be discussed by, but not imposed on, children.
  5. Sex and relationship Education to return to Secondary Schools only, not Primary School.
  6. The publication of all teaching materials pertaining to sex education, granting parents the option to opt-out if they feel it may be age-inappropriate for their children.
  7. The banning of all political flags from school outside of the context of the classroom for the purpose of learning and discussion, including the PRIDE flag.
  8. The banning of drag and other adult performance in schools. These are places of learning, not nightclubs.

I didn’t enter the world of politics because I wanted to; I felt I had no choice. Everywhere I looked, a  ruthless new orthodoxy was being imposed on every aspect of our culture, where people were no longer encouraged to think for themselves or to explore ideas freely and openly.

I witnessed it first in the showbiz industry with the replacement of storytelling for moral posturing for which there was no room for dissent, and no room for discussion. Go woke or get another job. After much reflection, I decided one day to start speaking my mind. The rest, as they say, is history.

I mention this to emphasize that I have no great political ambition. I don’t want power over people. I simply feel compelled to create a safe space for the tens of millions who, like me, don’t like being told what to think, and who want to protect our children from this new and dangerous political paradigm.

Written By:

Laurence Fox

Laurence Fox is the Leader of the UK’s Reclaim Party.

Laurence was, and one day hopes to be again, an actor. He worked for 22 years across a broad spectrum of show business from small independent films to Hollywood blockbusters. He is dedicated to giving a voice to the voiceless and speaking up for the most vulnerable in society. He’s not a career politician. He’s a concerned citizen.