The Week in Toys Is Suitably Strange

Hallmark's Ittybitty Grand Admiral Thrawn, Hot Toys' Multiverse of Madness Stephen Strange, and Kuwahara's E.T. BMX Bike.

Image: Hallmark, Hot Toys, and Kuwahara

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular round up of the latest nerdy toy news on the internet. This week, Hot Toys has come to bargain with the almost-mandated “New Marvel Movie Action Figure,” Star Wars Celebration exclusives heat up in the cutest manner, and Lego’s latest architecture set takes us to ancient Egypt. Check it out!

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Hot Toys Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Doctor Strange Sixth-Scale Figure

Almost as inevitable as Stephen Strange coming to Dormammu to bargain, a new Marvel release is here, which means Hot Toys just so happens to have a gorgeous action figure ready to tease. Of course, with Multiverse of Madness in theaters what we’re getting teased with is the latest version of Doctor Strange. Clad in his new outfit from the film, Stephen comes with an articulated cape for posing in dynamic, fluttery positions; multiple arrays of hands, including, of course, special spell-casting poses; and a bevy of accessories.

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There’s two different sets of portal-opening sling rings, four sets of magical spell effects—a set of wrist-mounted rings, two larger circular disks, a whiplike rope of magic energy, and most dazzlingly, some large, fiery draconic vipers to wrap around his arms—and even a pair of Illuminati handcuffs and the Book of Vishanti from the film. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a spoilery alternate head based on the very climax of the movie that fans will… certainly want to keep their eye on. Multiverse of Madness Doctor Strange is set to release some time in late 2023. [Hot Toys]

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Lego Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza

Weighing in at 1,476 pieces, the Great Pyramid of Giza becomes one of the larger Lego Architecture sets to date, which makes sense given the colossal footprint of the pyramids themselves. The 8-inch tall model actually features just half a pyramid with a removable outer shell that reveals not only the tunnel structure and burial tombs inside, but how the structure itself was actually built. The diorama includes a section of the Nile river with ancient boats, Sphinx statues, an obelisk, and temples, and Lego says that two of the models can be connected together to complete the entire pyramid, if you’re willing to spend $260 instead of $130.

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Hallmark Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Grand Admiral Thrawn itty bittys

Star Wars Celebration 2022 takes place at the end of the month, which means we’re starting to see reveals for all the collectibles that will be exclusively available at the event. That includes a new addition to Hallmark’s itty bittys line which somehow manages to make Grand Admiral Thrawn look absolutely adorable, even with beady red angry eyes. Only 2,100 are being produced, and will be sold at PopMinded’s booth #2519 at the show for $10 each.

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Kuwahara E.T. 40 BMX Bike

It’s one of the most iconic scenes in movie history, so much so that Steven Spielberg used it as the logo for his production company Amblin Entertainment, and now you can come close to recreating it yourself as the Kuwahara BMX bike Elliott rode (and flew on) in the film is being resurrected as the new BMX E.T. 40. It features a frame made from 4130 chromoly which is the same material used to build many competition-grade BMX bikes, as well as other high-quality parts which helps justify its $800 price tag when available this fall. It does feature some additional decals featuring E.T. branding, but comes without a milk crate or otherworldly beings.

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Mattel Jurassic World Dominion Dreadnoughtus Figure

Mattel continues to go all in with its Jurassic Park and Jurassic World figures and we have absolutely no complaints when it’s delivering gigantic toy versions of fan favorite dinos like the Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, and now a five-foot long Dreadnoughtus—presumably based on the dino’s appearance in the upcoming Jurassic World Domion. There’s no pricing or availability details at this point, but based on the available images it will offer some additional articulation in its very long neck, and will demand a ton of space on your desk.

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Lego Ideas The Adventures of the USS Cardboard

The winning submission from last year’s Out of This World building contest that Lego announced through its Lego Ideas platform has finally been revealed as the adorable The Adventures of the USS Cardboard, featuring an imaginative young boy ready to blast off in his home-built rocketship assembled from toys and cardboard boxes. The set won’t actually be available for sale, but those who spend over $160 on sets at Lego’s website or its stores will receive this set as a free gift with purchase.

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Fisher-Price Little People Collector RuPaul Figures

Fisher-Price’s Little People Collector figures now include everyone from the rock band Kiss, to the cast of the NBC sitcom The Office, to the Golden Girls. The newest addition to the lineup is the iconic RuPaul who helped take performing in drag mainstream through RuPaul’s Drag Race, which has run for 14 seasons in at this point. This set includes three versions of RuPaul with real-life outfits the performer has worn before including purple and pink gowns, as well as RuPaul out of drag and in a stylish suit featuring colors from each gown. The set is available from Amazon for $15.

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Mattel UNO Wild Twists Playing Cards

Mattel is taking the most enjoyable aspect of playing UNO—the dirty tricks you can subject other players to—and introducing them to other classic card games like Go Fish, poker, and gin rummy. UNO Wild Twists is a standard deck of 52 playing cards that adds eight additional “Wild Cards” that can immediately improve the position of any player, including red and black wild cards that can represent any specific suit a player may need to win the game. The deck will exclusively be available from Target this month for $3.

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