Tiktoker Daily Uganda’s ex-lover Leyla Accuses Him Of Assault, Miscourage

Ugandan musician and content creator Daily Uganda also known as Daily Ug‘s ex lover Queen Leyla, has come clarify on why their relationship ended.

Daily Uganda started dating with Queen Leyla and strengthened their marriage by officiating several rituals together. But recently, the couple’s romantic engagement ended, with Queen Leyla blaming domestic abuse as a major contributing factor.

Leyla disclosed in a Tik Tok live stream that, during their marriage, Daily Uganda occasionally asked her for food in order to meet the family’s demands and would sometimes not provide her with basic necessities like food.

She went on to describe how Daily had once beaten her, and how she lost their pregnancy in the process, a memory she still finds upsetting. Leyla continued her explanation, saying that she was a single mother at the time and had dumped her baby daddy because he had similar aggressive tendencies.