Tish Cyrus Says She Would’ve Been A Better Mom if She Smoked Weed


Tish Cyrus
Parenting Hindsight is 20/20 …
But Weed Woulda Made Me Super-Mom!!!

3/2/2024 3:36 PM PT

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Tish Cyrus is looking back at her parenting and seeing ways she could’ve improved … chief among them, rolling up a joint and mellowing out a bit!

The mother of Miley and Noah Cyrus opened up about her parenting skills on a recent episode of her “Sorry We’re Stoned” podcast … telling guest Wiz Khalifa she regrets not doing some toking back when her kids were growing up.

The way Tish puts it … she didn’t pick up the Mary Jane until she was in her mid-40s, years after her kids were in their teens — so she feels she wasn’t as much fun as she could’ve been with a little pot.

Tish’s daughter Brandi — seated right alongside her mom — said she probably woulda chilled out about a few things too … a jab Tish couldn’t have agreed with more.

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BTW … Wiz also has a song about smoking weed with Miley Cyrus titled “23” which came out in 2013 — a song that made a then-anti-marijuana Tish really upset!

It’s a bit ironic Tish is looking back on her parenting … since a lot of people online are currently gossiping about her relationship with her daughter Noah.

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Remember … reports surfaced earlier this week that Noah was actually dating Tish’s new husband Dominic Purcell first — before Mama Tish swooped in and stole him away.

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The Cyrus family’s dealing with a ton of issues … with Miley not thanking Billy Ray Cyrus in her Grammys acceptance speech and Noah reportedly estranged from TIsh.the

Hard to say if Tish smoking weed way back when woulda helped fix some of cracks between the fam now — TC might need to light up and ruminate on it.

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