Uganda: Ugandan MP Calls for Women’s Inclusion in Climate Change Policy

Ahead of World Environment Day, Ugandan Member of Parliament Christine Nakimwero Kaaya emphasizes the critical need for women’s voices in climate policy-making. Her statement comes at the launch of a report titled “Feminist Analysis of Impacts of Climate Change on Women’s Rights in Uganda.”

The report, commissioned by the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE), highlights the unequal burden climate change places on women. MP Kaaya, representing Kiboga District, stresses, “Women are most affected by climate change, yet they are excluded from policy discussions.”

Joan Akiiza Musime, a senior official at NAPE, presented the report’s findings. She explains how climate change impacts Ugandan women in various aspects of their lives, including income generation, education, safety, displacement, and conflict.

Musingye emphasizes the report’s call for dismantling existing power structures and ensuring women’s participation in crafting climate change policies. She advocates for alternatives based on eco-feminist principles and indigenous knowledge, aiming for a more just and sustainable future.

This launch event underscores the urgency of addressing gender disparity in climate policy. Including women’s perspectives is crucial for crafting effective solutions to Uganda’s environmental challenges.