Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav Booed At Boston University Graduation Over Writers Strike


Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav
Torrent of ‘Boo’s At BU Graduation
… ‘Pay Your Writers!!!’

5/21/2023 5:18 PM PT

Warner Bros. Discovery head honcho David Zaslav had a really tough time gettin’ his words out at Boston University’s graduation ceremony … because the crowd was heckling him with a barrage of ‘boo’s — over the ongoing writers strike.

Zaslav was the commencement speaker Sunday for BU’s class of 2023, but in the sea of caps and gowns, many grads gave him a piece of their mind as he tried to inspire … talking about how to deal with difficult people.

Video and pics from my IATSE friend at the BU Graduation / Zaslav picket in Boston. Big turnout with loads of different unions attending.#wga#wgaStrong#wgaStrike pic.twitter.com/qpe2KCXgAf

— Calvin Starnes (@CalvinStarnesOG) May 21, 2023

The chant — “PAY YOUR WRITERS” — was deafening, to the point Zaslav had to push pause as the crowd roared its disapproval.

There were protests outside the venue and some of the demonstrators even made their way into the event.


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The WGA is demanding fair wages and a ban on AI in writers rooms. The strike’s been going on for nearly 4 weeks with no end in sight.

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We’ve seen a bunch celebs and food trucks show up at protests across the country … and there was even a pretty funny anti-AI banner flying high in the sky — directed at Zaslav and the other studio heads.

Zaslav never spoke about the WGA strike during his lengthy speech … but it sounds like folks in the audience handled that topic for him.