Well-Respected Endodontist Dr. Jordan Schapiro Resigns from Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine in Support of Daughter’s Lawsuit

Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 01, 2023 –(PR.com)– Dr. Jordan Schapiro, a distinguished figure in the field of Endodontics, has announced his decision to step down from his position as a professor in the post-graduate endodontic department at Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine. This move coincides with a lawsuit (Stevie Schapiro v. Nova Southeastern University, Inc. and Amy E. Ellis; Case #: CACE-23-020037) filed by his daughter, Stevie Schapiro, who, according to the complaint, is pursuing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at NSU. The lawsuit alleges various violations, including common law due process violations, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract, among other claims.

Dr. Schapiro made this decision as an expression of support and solidarity with his daughter’s challenge, and based on his own frustration with the school’s internal policies and procedures.

“In support of my daughter and her pursuit of justice, I am choosing to distance myself from an institution whose actions have, in my view and as alleged in the complaint, deviated from the principles of open communication and sincere support for student advocacy.” – Dr. Jordan Schapiro

Ms. Schapiro emphasized, “The decision to initiate legal action against Nova Southeastern University was not taken lightly. As alleged in the complaint, it came after numerous attempts to resolve the matter amicably with the institution, all of which were met with indifference. I was left with no recourse but to seek justice through the established legal avenues.”

Ms. Schapiro is represented by Joseph Montgomery of EducationLawyers.com. Montgomery stated that, “Allegedly, as a result of the school’s suspect treatment of Ms. Schapiro, she could be set back a year or more in her education, which has led to both emotional and financial damages. A court action was not our preference for remedying the situation, but we were truly left with no other choice.”

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