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Will Black Adam Shift the Balance of Power in the DCEU?

Black Adam concept art

Black Adam concept art
Image: Warner Brothers.

Production has wrapped on DC’s Black Adam movie, and it’s about damn time we get to see Dwayne Johnson as the titular anti-hero. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (with whom Hiram Garcia and Johnson worked on Jungle Cruise) and written by Rory Haines, Black Adam is the main Antagonist of superhero Shazam and a sometimes enemy, sometimes ally of the Justice League.

In a recent interview with Seven Bucks Productions, President Hiram Garcia spoke with Collider about his excitement for the film and, “You’re not just going to see him use super speed for a moment, and then it stops,” Garcia said. “This is part of his arsenal.”

With Warner Bros. releasing several R-rated films in the DCEU, Black Adam is rated PG-13. However, Garcia doesn’t want fans to think this will affect the story in any way. “By no means will [the PG-13 rating] limit our kill count,” he said pointedly. “There are lots of people that may start alive in a Black Adam movie and may not be there at the end of the movie.”

As for the film, Black Adam does exist in the same world as Shazam! But Garcia doesn’t explain how the character is connected to the larger universe, but he did mention this, “when Black Adam appears, no matter what universe you are in the DC world, you’re going to feel it.”

With the Justice League no longer being the main focus of the DC cinematic universe, does this mean the balance of power is about to shift? Garcia had this to say, “We’re definitely focusing now though on building out our world. Obviously, Shazam! does exist in the same universe as Black Adam, and there are some other crossover elements you might feel in our movie. In terms of the details of how they all merge together, though, is still in the works.”

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This information offers hope that eventually, we will see Black Adam and Shazam going head to head. The aesthetics of it will be interesting seeing Zachary Levi up against The Rock.

Black Adam is slated for release in theaters July 29, 2022

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