Woman Suing Southwest Says Child Trafficking Accusation Could’ve Been Easily Resolved


Southwest Airlines
Mom Suing Over Child Trafficking Claim …
Says It Was Racial Profiling, No Need for Cops

8/9/2023 1:53 PM PT

The mom suing Southwest Airlines for accusing her of child trafficking says it’s really a case of racial profiling … and adds, there’s a better way to protect kids if the airline would train its employees better.

Mary MacCarthy joined us Wednesday on “this publication Live,” telling us why she feels her daughter’s race was the only reason Southwest reported her, back in 2021, to Denver PD.

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For those unaware, Mary and her child, Moira — who was 10 at the time — were flying to Colorado because Mary’s brother had died, but cops greeted them as soon as they landed.

Southwest employees suspected Mary was trafficking Moira.

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Mary insists the airline’s only red flag was skin color — she is white, while her daughter is biracial — and she told us the misunderstanding could’ve been cleared up, if a crew member had spoken to them instead of calling police.

She also claims she never got a proper apology from the airline and is still waiting for it to admit fault for racially profiling them.

She’s also hoping the airline’s employees will undergo more training to prevent this from happening again.