Ying Yang Twins’ D-Roc Collapses on Stage at Vanilla Ice Show

Ying Yang Twins
D-Roc Collapses on Stage

7/31/2022 7:07 AM PT

Twitter / @ZackPeters25

One of the Ying Yang Twins collapsed at a concert over the weekend, and had to be carried off the stage.

The Twins were performing at a show in Springfield, MO at the Ozark Empire Fair, when 30 minutes into their set, D-Roc just crashed to the floor of the stage. Security rushed up to him and got him off the stage … presumably for help.

The Ying Yang Twins were special guests at the concert, headlined by Vanilla Ice.

D Roc lifted off stage

It’s unclear what happened to him … temps were in the 80s so it doesn’t seem like heat exhaustion. We don’t know if he was taken to the hospital nor do we know his condition.

BTW … the show went on.