Ykee Benda expresses crush on Singer Omega 256’s s3xy legs

Artists Ykee Benda and Omega 256 have made the decision to take their flirting on social media to a whole new level. Internet users were whispering as the couple began showering each other with compliments. Like any other man, the CEO of Mpaka Records initiated things, and one thing led to another.

The Farmer hit maker asked if Omega is single on his social media pages. “Can someone please tell me if Kyaana is single?” The This Year singer, however, spared the fun as well, approving Benda and declaring, “The Palace is open.”

When Ykee Benda saw this, he decided to open fire while expressing his desire to go on a date with the artist. But first, he recommended that they get to know one another well by meeting in the studio.

“Let me get back on my lover-finding journey …. Good afternoon potential girlfriend @OmegaBaibe. I want to take you on a date one of these days my queen. But first, can we first meet at the studio in Buziga just to get comfortable with each other so that we don’t look like strangers when we go on that date?”

Well, now this had some people thinking that it could be a stunt to promote a new song they might be planning to release together.

The Mpaka Records boss meanwhile didn’t stop flattering the biggest female singer from the western region. He revealed that he’s so much in love with her legs and there is something about them.

It should be noted that Benda is in a relationship although he prefers to keep it under the wraps. This is after his failed relationship with his baby mama and long-term sweetheart, Julie Batenga.