10 Reasons Why You Should Give Way To An Ambulance Next Time You Hear It .

“Today I saw an ambulance stuck in traffic jam and a woman(probably an expectant mother) was crying from the window of the van. I also cried ” this is how the whole conversation was started by an anonymous person on social media.

A number of people came out to share their experiences with ambulances. Below is a collection of responses that might probably convince you to give the ambulance way next time you hear one.

Afande Emilly Naloo: I understand this situation because I once drove an ambulance. Please, people always give way to ambulances even when there is no patient I might be called to pick one. I always hear some saying there is no patient but they shout for us with sirens, my dear we are always in a hurry to bring them to the hospital or for referral, try to give way.

Nze Fred: This is what we go through in Kampala as Ambulance drivers, You hear them say, “there’s no patient even.” Just give way to that ambulance because you know nothing about its program.

Kiiza Peter: I used to think stupidly that those ambulance guys want where to pass since they can pass anywhere, not until I happened to be in one with my late bro who was on oxygen. …..since then when an ambulance passes me I don’t only stop but also pray for the sick inside

Namubiru Sumayah: I grew up not taking those ambulances serious, not until my sister’s premature twins were transferred from Gwatilo hospital to Mulago because they had less Oxygen. We accompanied her in the ambulance and I saw how people didn’t want to clear the way for us along the Northen bypass, on reaching Mulago one of the twins had already died and the other died after 5 days. To those who think it’s not serious wait for your turn.

Birungi Kasfah: One can’t feel the pain if it’s not on them. It happened to me November last year, I had a premature baby on oxygen and it was hard for the ambulance to proceed along Bombo road, and a pedestrian outside said “Bano nabo bekooza” there is even nobody inside. In the process, the ambulance was damaged.

Prossie Ssentaba: I used not to give way to ambulances until my little sister got involved in a terrible accident on Entebbe road. Kisubi hospital did not have the required equipment for her head injury and referred us to Mulago. People were not giving the ambulance way and the girl was dying. From that day I learned to respect ambulances. I give them way no matter what

Christina Mirembe Love: I don’t know why I am crying but it’s sad. One day my little sister was being taken from the then Kadic hospital to case clinic because Kadic could not handle as they didn’t have the ICU. In an ambulance, and some guys just shouted at us, “we also want to move, so climb over the cars if you are so much in a hurry”. Later we got to case but she passed on after a few hours. I know it was her time but the words of those people are still ringing in my mind. So, people whenever you see an ambulance or someone crying to be allowed to move because of an emergency, just give way. It could be their only chance.

Doreen Mukyala Semakula: After working in a hospital I learned how really those ambulances be in a big hurry, if it’s empty then it is likely that it’s on the way to pick a patient who is on the verge of death.

Moses Edgar: Please please please fellow motorists always give way to an ambulance, the day you will be given 5 minutes to take your relative for the rescue that’s when you will realize how important it is to give way to an ambulance.

Emmanuela Akinyi Shepherd: I worked in an MRI centre and there are only 6 MRIs in the whole of Uganda. Now you have a whole line of patients and are expecting an emergency/appointment patient but he is stuck in traffic or an ambulance that was to pick him is also in traffic! You miss your appointment u join the line to wait 🤷🏿‍♀️ Ugandans have suffered!😭
Those ambulances are booked almost full day picking and dropping.It might be empty but there are people waiting for it and that’s their only hope for their relative’s life.

After all these submissions, you’ll probably give the ambulance way next time.

Several people however argue saying that others use the ambulances to rush to the airport or for appointments and they still used the sirens. It is however hard to know when it’s fetching a patient, transferring one or being misused.

So the bottom line is; always make way fie ambulances to keep your hands clean of any blood.