23 Delicious Canned Tuna Recipes That Will Surprise You

You just got home from a long day at work (canned tuna recipes), it’s record-breaking hot outside (canned tuna recipes), you haven’t come up with weeknight dinner ideas (canned tuna recipes), and you just can’t. Can’t turn on the oven, can’t use any more brainpower, just…can’t.

You know what you can do? (Did our subliminal messaging work?) That’s right: Open up your pantry door, pull out a can of tuna fish, and go the semi-homemade route. Make a 15-minute couscous with capers or a bean and radicchio salad or a tuna melt, one of the best comfort foods of all time.

Here are 19 easy recipes that go beyond tuna noodle casserole—although that’s here too—for when you feel like you can’t, but you actually can.