Aaron Rodgers Says He Wants To Play For New York Jets, ‘Packers Would Like To Move On’


Aaron Rodgers
I Want To Be A Jet
… ‘Packers Would Like To Move On’

3/15/2023 10:40 AM PT

The Pat McAfee Show

Aaron Rodgers just admitted he wants to be a New York Jet in 2023 … saying it’s clear to him the Green Bay Packers no longer want him.

The star quarterback broke everything down about his current situation on The Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday afternoon — saying as of last Friday, he had decided to not retire … and his intention is to now “play for the New York Jets.”

He added that following conversations with Green Bay execs, he believed the Packers “would like to move on” as well.

Rodgers said he’s not the one holding up an official Green Bay to NY trade from going through — saying it’s the Packers who are the ones preventing a deal. He explained … his former team is still trying to work out compensation for the QB.

The 39-year-old said he harbors no ill will toward his former team for the way it’s all going down now … but he did say he wished the Packers had been more honest with him following the season.

He told McAfee that, initially, Green Bay brass had said “take as long as you want” … and “if you want to come back and play, the door is wide open.”

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But, Rodgers — who admitted he had seriously considered retiring (“90 percent,” he called it) prior to his darkness retreat in late February — said things changed when he returned from isolation.

“Multiple people that I trust around the league said that there was some shopping going on,” Rodgers said. “[The Packers] were interested in moving me.”

He added, “They’re ready to move on with Jordan [Love]. That’s awesome. Jordan is going to be a great player, he’s a great kid.”

No word yet on when a trade will happen — but one thing is clear, it appears to be truly a matter of “when” now … no longer “if.”

Rejoice, NY. Rejoice.