Ben Affleck narrowly avoids accident after heated discussion with Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck bumps his luxurious Mercedes into another car after alleged fight with ex Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck narrowly avoided another accident after he inadvertently tapped a neighboring vehicle while trying to exit a tight parking spot outside his son Samuel’s school.

This marks the second parking incident involving Affleck this year. It occurred after a seemingly heated encounter with his ex-wife Jennfier Garner.

As per a video shared on YouTube, the Air director could be seen backing his luxurious $150,000 Mercedes EQS into a white car parked closely behind him.

However, Affleck seemed unfazed after the incident he continued to reverse, prompting the owner of the other car to intervene and reverse to provide more room.

Displaying an apparent lack of concern, the Hollywood star made his way out of the parking spot and left the scene without engaging in a conversation with the other driver,

Right before the incident, which could have proved lethal, Affleck and Garner were captured engaged in a tension-filled conversation at their 11-year-old son’s Halloween celebration.

While the reason for their discussion remains unclear, Garner was visibly upset during the exchange.

A while ago, it was reported that Affleck and Garner’s growing closeness is affecting his current wife Jennifer Lopez after they were spotted hugging in a car in Los Angeles.