Blue Origin Seat for 1st Manned Mission to Space Goes for $28 Mil

Blue Origin Seat for 1st Manned Mission to Space Goes for $28 Mil

Blue Origin
Someone Paid $28 Mil …
Just to See Space with Bezos Bros!!!

6/12/2021 1:39 PM PT

Some high roller just dropped a fortune and a half to be one of two people who will fly up into space next month alongside the Bezos brothers … all for a quick 11-minute trip!

Blue Origin auctioned off the third seat of the manned-voyage that’s set to go down in late July — the first of its kind for the company — and they’re saying the winning bid went to somebody who dropped … wait for it … a whopping $28 MILLION for the opportunity.

The sale closed Saturday, and it reportedly follows a month of bidding wars that didn’t start getting into stupid rich territory until this past week … when Jeff announced he’d be one of the four people going up there, with none other than his own brother, Mark, as person #2.

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Whoever spent this absurd amount hasn’t been revealed just yet — but their identity is expected to surface closer to the launch date. The fourth passenger will also be revealed in the near future — although it’s unclear what the criteria is for whoever gets picked.

Remember, Jeff announced Monday that he himself would be going up for BO‘s maiden voyage with people inside … putting his ass on the line, and kinda roping his bro in by extension.

We know we’ve said this before, but it’s worth stating again … what they’re essentially doing is shooting themselves up in a rocket, which will then propel a separate capsule even higher up to the point that it breaks the stratosphere and technically reaches “space.”

All in all, they’ll be some 62 miles above ground — and it’ll take about 10 minutes or so to get there. Once they’re above the Earth, they’ll take a quick gander around, soak in the scene … and then descend back down. Bottom line … it’s a sightseeing expedition.

Oh, and we should also mention … the $28M is being donated to an in-house BO educational arm that promotes science/space travel among the youth. So, this person definitely has money to blow … and can feel good about themselves afterward. Win-win!!!