Drake Pops Champagne After Winning SBL Championship, Shouts Out Kobe!

Chugs Bubbly After Winning BBall Title
… ‘I Did What Kobe Did!’

6/15/2022 9:58 AM PT


Drake brought his IG moniker “Champagne Papi” to life on Tuesday — winning a title in the Sanctuary Basketball League — and he celebrated by sprayin’ bubbly everywhere!!

The victorious moment was all caught on video — when his NTIG teammate hit the game-winning shot in the SBL title game right on Drake’s basketball court in his Toronto mansion.

“I did what Kobe did in Game 7 against the Celtics. Shots not falling, you play f*****g defense.” 😂 @Drake and his OVO team win back-to-back championships in his SBL league 🏆 pic.twitter.com/u4LnpAWo4v

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) June 15, 2022

Drizzy and his squad went nuts after securing the dub … cueing up the champagne showers.

And, Drake paid homage to the late Kobe Bryant for his game strategy … saying he channeled his inner Mamba Mentality.


“I did what Kobe did in Game 7 against the Celtics,” Drake said, “Shots not falling, you play f*****g defense!”

BTW, Drake launched the SBL league last year … and now is a 2-time champ, after his team again won the ‘ship.

Like Drake says, “I’m going back to back.”