DRC: at least 17 dead in landslide

Torrential rains in northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) caused a landslide that killed at least 17 people overnight, authorities said on Sunday, warning that the toll could rise as Rescuers search through the rubble of collapsed houses.

The disaster occurred along the Congo River in the town of Lisal, in northwestern Mongala province, according to Matthieu Mole, president of the civil society organization Forces Vives. The victims lived in houses built at the foot of a mountain.

“Torrential rain caused a lot of damage, including a landslide which engulfed several houses,” he said. “The results are still provisional because bodies are still under the rubble. ”

Governor Cesar Limbaya Mbangisa said there was an urgent need for machines to help clear debris and try to save survivors. The governor also offered his condolences to the families of the victims and declared three days of morning throughout the province.