Emily Blunt Wants That Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Just as Much as We Do

Emily Blunt has no shortage of gigs—the star of Jungle Cruise, Mary Poppins Returns, and the first two Quiet Place movies, to name just a few, is currently doing the pre-Emmy nomination rounds for her BBC-Prime Video series The English. But there’s one project many sci-fi fans have been hoping to see: that much-teased Edge of Tomorrow sequel.

In a Deadline interview that’s mostly about The English (worth reading just for her discussion of the scene in which her character, a woman navigating the 1890s American frontier, eats calf testicles), Blunt was asked about the possibility of more Edge of Tomorrow, something that director Doug Liman has mentioned in the past and Blunt herself has also addressed. In short, she’s more than willing, though she does have some reasonable conditions. “I would love to do another one. I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but I would love it,” she said, before addingI don’t know if my back could take it.”

To hear her tell it, her costume in the sci-fi saga—which sees Tom Cruise’s character living the same day over and over while fighting an alien war, a task that requires the help of Blunt’s super-soldier—was more cumbersome than audiences might have realized, though Cruise, who she calls “funny,” “charming,” and “a gem” was apparently well-aware.

“I think we just knew I just had to toughen up and get through it. Because otherwise, you would spend the entire film fighting against the fact that you wished your suit was lighter, but it wasn’t,” Blunt remembered. “But I loved the experience so much, and I would love to work with Doug [Liman] again. It’s like we have to create something as ambitious as the first one. How much more mileage can we get out of a repeating day? What’s the new construct?”

While Edge of Tomorrow—which is nearly a decade old at this point, but is somehow just as fresh and entertaining as it was in 2014—manages to bring its twisty tale to a satisfying conclusion, it sure wouldn’t be the worst idea to continue or expand its perpetually looping story. Back in 2017, Liman hinted at a title (Live Die Repeat and Repeat) and said that the story, at least in whatever form it was in six years ago, would actually be more of a prequel; there was a tiny update in 2019, but precious little momentum since. Would you be interested in the sequel if it ever gets made, or do you think Edge of Tomorrow is better as a standalone?

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