Video Shows Ja Morant Playing with Toy Gun Day After 2nd Firearm Incident


Ja Morant
Video Shows NBA Star With Toy Gun
… Day After 2nd Firearm-Waving Incident

6/17/2023 12:40 AM PT

Ja Morant filmed himself holding a toy gun back on May 14 in an effort to show his family and friends that he did not have a real firearm during his now-infamous Instagram Live sesh … and this publication Sports has just obtained the footage.

In the video, you can see Morant — easily identified by his unique tattoos — attempting to show the weapon was nothing more than a lighter.

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Morant used the flames that came out of the phony gun to ignite some candles … before he appeared to say in the clip, “You hold it, and everything comes out.”

We’re told Ja sent the video around to those close to him after they had questioned why he was seen brandishing a firearm in a social media video yet again.

You’ll recall, Ja was initially suspended for the act in March … though on May 13, he was filmed doing it once more while listening to NBA YoungBoy‘s album with a pal in a car.


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Ja never publicly stated the gun was not a real one … though Claudia Jordan said on “The Breakfast Club” earlier this month that some inside of the Grizzlies guard’s camp had informed her it was fake.

Either way, Adam Silver punished Morant over it all regardless … hitting him with a 25-game suspension on Friday morning.

Following news of the ban, Morant apologized … and vowed to be “a better man than what I’ve been showing you.”

Meanwhile, we reached out to Morant for comment on the new video — but so far, we’ve yet to hear back.