Here’s Proof That Chelsea ‘Cannot Get A Break’ On Buckhead Shore

Chelsea has found herself struggling through one setback after another at the Buckhead Shore lake house, especially during tonight’s episode — which ended with a scary allergic reaction.

“This girl cannot get a break,” Katie rightly stated.

Although she can somehow make even the most basic of trash bags look good, Chelsea continues to battle all the Buckhead bad luck — from pee problems to petty pranks. Here’s hoping our girl gets a win soon, but until then, let us relive her stickiest situations:

  • The Dreaded ‘You-Tee’

    Chelsea realized something was off during her first day at the lake house. “It’s definitely not my fault; it’s the dog’s fault.” Call it what you will — a U-T-I or a you-tee — but we know that Babe didn’t cause it. Also, no matter what Juju says, cocoa butter isn’t the cure!

  • The Wrong End of a Love Triangle

    DJ kissed Chelsea not once but twice — when he’s clearly more into Bethania. “I know I’ve been kissing Chelsea, but it’s because I’m afraid of going all-in with Bethania,” he confessed. This move, coupled with the fact that she has received no sexual poetry of her own, left Chelsea feeling somewhat “singled out.”

  • The ‘Prank Gone Terrible’

    Chelsea was peacefully napping on the couch when Parker took the opportunity to play an “innocent shaving cream prank.” But when she woke up mid-squirt and accidentally got an eyeball full of cream, Chelsea wound up with ruined eyelash extensions and a new look: Pirate Prescott. Vowing to get him back, she declared, “I am going to hurt whoever hurt me, and I’m coming for them so hard. So, Parker, this is warfare.” In retaliation, she created a concoction of smelly condiments and hid it in the chicken man’s bedroom (and no, it wasn’t Babe’s anal glands, Parker).

  • The Allergic Reaction

    On tonight’s episode, Bethania’s holistic pasta sauce left Chelsea feeling “funny.” “The minute that I realize that my breathing is getting tighter and my mouth is itching, I know that there’s an issue going on,” she said. “The only thing I can think of is I need to check what was in that holistic alfredo sauce bottle because I have really bad allergic reactions to eating a certain kind of nut.” Upon reading the label, the worst-case scenario dawned on Chelsea: “Oh, sh*t. I’m having an allergic reaction right now, and everyone around me is drunk in this house. I don’t think you realize how serious this is; I need someone to call 911 right now because, in a few minutes, I’m not gonna be able to breathe anymore.”

Will Chelsea’s friends be able to step up during her medical emergency? And will her misfortune come to an end? Find out next week at 9/8c.

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