Joseph Sabiiti Dumps NBS TV For Communications Office At Deputy Speaker’s Office.

NBS TV show host Joseph Sabiiti has announced today that he will be quitting the Naguru-based station and “journalism” at the end of this month.

“After close to ten years, I took a decision to quit Journalism, and as such at the end of the Month I will be taking a bow !” he said.

Below is Sabiiti’s Full Tweet

EJazz media has however learnt that Sabiiti will at this time be assuming his new role as a communications personnel in the deputy Speakers office at parliament.

In a letter that EJazz news managed to look at, Joseph Sabiiti’s name appeared as the person that had been chosen to do the communication for the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, Hon. Anita Among.

This is not the first time Sabiiti has announced his “retirement” from the media as he did the same in 2019(through what he called a break) after he had allegedly secured greener pastures as a communications officer for an NGO in northern Uganda. Things however didn’t go well for him thus returning to NBS. With this background, we’ve seen feedback, especially on social media taking this as another 2019 incident with high hopes of seeing Sabiiti back soon.

On the same list was the former head of the Public Relations Association of Uganda Sarah Kagingo who had been selected to manage communications in the Speaker’s office and Sadab Kitatta formerly at the Observer Newspaper who was appointed into the Leader of Opposition’s office t run communications as well.