M&M’s Eliminating Spokescandies Because of ‘Woke’ Uproar, Maya Rudolph Takes Charge

Melting Down Spokescandies Over ‘Woke’ Uproar …
Maya Rudolph Takes Charge

1/23/2023 8:03 AM PT

maya rudolph, m&ms

M&M’s jumped on the culture war over its green spokesperson … and Tucker Carlson played right into the candy’s hand!

green m&m before and after

The hubbub is over the green spokescandy, formally Miss Green. Back in the day, she was the sexy piece of candy, but last year the company decided to recreate Miss Green, and turn her more “inclusive.” They put her in tennis shoes, toned down her eyelashes and took away references to gender.

The company also changed up the orange M&M … to actually make it look even more anxious, embracing its true self.

It didn’t sit well with Carlson, who accused the company of being too woke, adding he no longer was attracted to M&M’s.

Whatever floats his boat, right?

So now, the company says it’s 86’ing the spokescandies … Maya Rudolph will now do the honors of representing the delicious chocolates.

If this smells tastes like M&M/Mars doing some brilliant marketing — making lemonade outta Carlson’s lemon of a rant — that’s because it is. Maya confirms it’s all leading up to a Super Bowl ad.

Too bad, Rolling Stone … no more headlines like “Let the Green M&M Be a Nasty Little Slut!”