Parents of Black Teen Accosted in Trayvon Martin Town Sue Alleged Perps

Trayvon Martin
Another Black Teen Claims Attack in Same Town
… Parents File Lawsuit

7/20/2022 9:58 AM PT

The men who allegedly attacked a Black teen in the same city where Trayvon Martin was killed are being taken to court.

The teenager’s parents are suing Howard Hughes and Donald Corsi over the June incident … where they claim the 2 men and other unidentified adults stopped their son’s car while he was simply visiting a friend’s house in a Sanford, FL neighborhood.

According to the docs, obtained by this publication, Columbus and Niko Jones allege their kid was doing nothing more than driving along with a friend in the passenger seat … when, all of a sudden, the group of locals launched into them with animosity.

The parents claim the adults, including Hughes and Corsi, hurled insults and threats at the 2 minors … and eventually, started physically trying to halt the car. According to the Joneses, this came in the form of swinging a traffic cone at one of the doors, and hurling a large rock shattering the rear window.

At this point, the Joneses claim both kids got out, scared for their lives … with the friend allegedly seeing one of the adults brandish a gun in the crowd, and Hughes allegedly saying they had a permit to do so — while also insulting their son by calling him a “dumbass.”

Soon, the cops showed up … and arrested Corsi and Hughes on a number of charges, including battery and damaging property.

Now, they have a civil case on their hands as well — the Joneses are suing for assault, infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and more.

They’re asking for an unspecified amount in damages.