San Francisco Depicted as Drug-Riddled as Kids Wade Through Bus Stop Crowd

San Francisco
Depicted as Drug-Riddled …
As Kids Wade Thru Bus Stop Crowd

7/10/2022 1:26 PM PT


San Francisco has a new District Attorney that’s promising to clean up the city in terms of drug use and drug crimes — a problem crystalized with a new viral video that’s unsettling.

Check out this clip that was shot and posted this week by an SF resident named Ricci Wynne … who filmed himself getting off at a bus stop near downtown SF — around Mission St. and 8th St. — while a ton of school kids were also disembarking at the same time.

The reason many found this disturbing … a massive crowd had formed at this particular stop, a majority of whom have been labeled as alleged drug users or homeless. Wynne took in the scene … and it’s not pretty. You can see some of the children wading through what some might characterize as a dangerous area. And yet, they act like it’s normal.

Wynne, meanwhile, is sending the kids off with good luck messages … telling them to be safe, using a juxtaposition to show what sort of environment they’re forced to navigate.

He later did an interview with a local CBS news station to explain why he recorded this … saying he felt anger that the local leaders there have allowed things to get this bad.

Speaking of those leaders, the recently-recalled DA Chesa Boudin has now been replaced by a woman named Brooke Jenkins … who’s touted herself as tough on crime, and who vowed during her introduction ceremony last week to end open-air drug markets with ferocity.

During her speech, she appeared to address this exact incident, saying the city’s kids shouldn’t have to endure this out in the open. So, a new philosophy change, it seems.

San Francisco is just one of several major cities lately that have seen a big wave in homelessness and crime … Los Angeles has experienced similar trends in recent years.